Top cabinets and the use of raised panels can give you a streamlined and clean aesthetic to your home.

In a recent post, we discussed some of the best ways to make the ideal guest bedroom for your incoming friends and family during the upcoming holiday season. Although the extra space afforded by a spare bedroom is much appreciated during these usually somewhat stressful times, many homeowners find that their storage woes lie in the heart of the home where they are busily trying to prepare holiday meals.

When it comes to inviting friends and family into your house – even for a short while – having sufficient space for them, their belongings and your own possessions displaced by their arrival is key to having a stress-free holiday season. That is why, in this next installment of our holiday preparation series, we offer up a few ways to increase the functionality of your kitchen.

Here are a few tips for designing or renovating the heart of your home:

Display: In an effort to eliminate the constant stream of "where's the…?" questions, you may opt to leave your kitchen accessories on display. Whether you use glass front cabinets or an open pantry closet to show off your collection of dishware and pots and pans, this style of design can add functionality as well as a unique character to your kitchen.

Islands: If your kitchen is large enough, you may elect to incorporate an island into the center of the room. What is great about an island is that you can make it stationary or put it on casters for a moveable storage space. They also make for a perfect food preparation station, so the whole family can help prepare those tricky holiday meals!

Panels: Custom cabinetry can add a lot of style to a space. Whether you choose a wood or paint finish, glass doors or some vinyl hybrid, using a uniform option will add a seamless aesthetic to the room. Additionally, by placing panels of cabinetry to the front of appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher, trash compactor, etc. you can create a cleaner and more organized feel.

Upper cabinets: Ideal locations for storage space, upper cabinets help you arrange even the items that you don't use everyday in an organized way. Some homeowners opt to put these over kitchen doorways or windows that would otherwise be empty space.

Planning for and hosting a bunch of people during the holiday season is stressful enough. Preparing your home to accommodate your guests and the inevitable clutter will help make for a more enjoyable and easy season.

A major consideration for the upcoming months is certainly how to keep your home nice and warm. In Idaho and Utah, we are all too familiar with bitter winter months, and know the importance of properly sealed windows and doorways. If you are looking to do some home preparation before the cold weather really sets in, contact Valley Glass today. We can help you determine which new glass windows work best for you, and install them into your house.