During the fall season, it is smart to check the gutters and roofline for any weaknesses that may present problems this winter.

It seems like just yesterday that we were enjoying the sweet summer sunshine, but the bitter winter weather is just a few weeks away and now is the time for homeowners to finish up renovations and repairs to the outside of their homes.

While home improvement projects are generally undertaken because they can add value and aesthetic benefits to a property, certain projects are also necessary for increased energy efficiency, function and comfort within the house. As we head into chilly fall and winter weather here in Utah and Idaho, it is important to ensure the structure of your home is sound in order to guarantee comfort this season.

When it comes to highlighting the vulnerable areas of your home, here are a few key aspects to focus on to ensure that it is sealed from the elements this winter:

Aesthetics: While paint colors and flooring may seem like just cosmetic elements to your home, they can actually add a lot to the functionality, warmth and comfort of your place. While wood floors look nice, unless there is a rug laid over the boards when cooler weather hits, you are bound to lose energy and end up spending more on heating costs. If you are hoping for year-round comfort, the best bet is to install wall-to-wall carpet.

Roof: No matter how old your roof is, it is always wise to inspect it before winter precipitation starts to fall. If you find weak spots, missing shingles or disconnected sealants, it is a good idea to make repairs while the weather is still cooperating. Fall is the ideal time for these types of repairs, according to The Pueblo Chieftain, a Pueblo, Colorado publication, because the summer sun is not beating down on you and slick conditions are not threatening your safety. Fall also tends to be a drier season so the chance of rain or snow impeding your progress or causing damage is less likely. 

Windows: Improperly installed, insulated or sealed windows can really impact how effective they are in bottling in heat and preventing air leaks. Between the increased chance of rain and snow getting in through the cracks and damaging the integrity of the wall or window itself, and the air that sneaks in through drafty crevices, vulnerable windows can cause a lot of winter headaches for homeowners. The fall is a popular time to replace windows as the temperature outside is moderate enough to make repairs or replacements without losing too much energy in the process. Many homeowners opt for casement windows that offer a tight seal from the elements.

Creating a house that is both functional and comfortable for you and your family is key. If you need to swap out older windows for new window replacement glass, contact Valley Glass today. We can help you achieve the aesthetic and security that you need in your home to avoid a bitter cold winter.