You want to ensure that the interior of your home or vehicle is protected during inclement weather.

In the past few days in Idaho and Utah, we have been experiencing unseasonably wet weather. On the tail of a relatively wet summer, though, it should come as no surprise the area has been especially rainy lately.

While excessive downpours can lead to nuisances like cancelled games and suddenly tall patches of grass, one of the biggest threats it poses is water damage. Unsealed or cracked doors and windows can lead to a rain storm wrecking the interior of your home or car. 

Here are a few simple ways to check that your car or house windows are properly sealed:

Drafts: Checking for drafts around the house is usually just as simple as walking around on a chilly day to see if there are any windows or entry doors allowing air  inside. In your car, you can listen for air coming in through improperly sealed windows, just keep an ear for a louder than normal wind-whipping noise while driving.

Weatherstripping: Once you determine which areas of your home are leaking air, you will want to take steps to properly insulate your home from drafts. Weatherstripping is a necessary step to take to ensure that rain, wind and other precipitation doesn't leak into your home or vehicle and cause unnecessary damage.

If you are in the market for new glass windows for your home or car, contact Valley Glass today. We specialize in glass replacement and repair and are eager to work with you on your weatherproofing needs.